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Drives for every use

The bottom bracket gearboxes from Schlumpf are uniquely variable and robust. 
We offer solutions for every application (also for retrofitting).

Drives for every Use

The Schlumpf bottom bracket gearboxes are uniquely variable and robust.
We offer solutions for every application 
(also for retrofitting).

High Speed Drive für


With a gear ratio of 1 : 2.5 for a speed rush.

Powerful electric motors
combined with our
High Speed Drive.

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The Speeddrive combined with a rear motor

This is how the belt drive
with rear engine
comes into its own
.2-speed gearshift

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The Speeddrive for the smaller wheels

The 1 : 1.65 ratio turns a 38 sprocket into a 63 sprocket. Particularly suitable for bicycles and folding bikes with smaller wheels.

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Up the mountains with the

With the 2.5 : 1 gear ratio
you can also
master the steep passages with heavy equipment
For velomobiles
with torque arm

To the Mountaindrive torque

Mountaindrive Reha
for handbikes

Get ahead
without pedaling
with a gear ratio of 2.5 : 1

To the Mountaindrive Rehab

Heavy loads
with the
Mountaindrive Cargo

2.5 : 1,
the formula for
heavy-duty transport with the
Cargo Mountaindrive

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